Valuable/value-packed offering for committed leaders keen to find out if they are on the right track

For modern leaders who are steering their organisation (and themselves!) in a world swept by fast-paced and unrelenting change, a valuable compass is now available: the value scan. Insight into individual values and the values of the organisation is a powerful tool and source of information to find out how to accomplish individual, team and organisational goals, but every bit as much to establish the progress of an ongoing change track. The value scan is a tool that can prove a tremendous support and provide direction for yourself and your organisation. It delivers insights into seven layers of both personal and organisational awareness. The scan sheds light on whether you are acting out of trust and provides clarity as to how you are using your skills and qualities as a leader.

Want to find out more about your own value/valuable beacons?
To get a first impression of how you can adopt a value-based approach as a valuable directional instrument in your team, organisation or your own role as a leader, it is a good idea to start with an individual value assessment.
Billed at a (temporarily) 99 euro reduced rate, you get an online questionnaire (assessment), which is followed by an individual interview. At the interview, you get to discuss with a professional/certified coach the outcomes of the assessment and the ways in which these outcomes may lend direction to your personal plan of action at individual, team or organisation level.

Sign up
To sign up to this value-packed offering, please use the contact form in which you specify you would like a value assessment followed up with a personal interview. To redeem the concessionary 99 euro price, please state the discount code Mantra 3 2017 in your message.
The interviews are conducted at country estate Doornveld, Driebergsestraatweg 27 3941 ZS in Doorn. We are also happy to discuss your personal assessment at your own place of work (this comes at an extra fee).

Further details on the topic of Leiderschap en Waarden (Leadership and Values) can be found in Mantra – volume 3, issue no. 2, spring 2017.