In complement to face-to-face (F2F) coaching, there may be a need to continue the learning and development track over Skype, FaceTime or by e-mail.

Same as F2F coaching, the desired to-be situation is central in E-Coaching.


  • The end result sought by you is defined by way of a series of goals.
  • The focus areas of each session are: experiencing things in a concrete sense (doing in practice), awareness in behaviour and skills, gaining insight into personal motivation and beliefs and into the underlying drivers.

The arrangements and goals for E-Coaching are established in joint consultation and outlined in a personal action plan.

For whom?

For anyone with a need for personal and/or professional development.


If you prefer to call on our E-Coaching services without face-to-face contact, I would be happy to give you a call for an intake interview by phone to enable me to appraise whether E-Coaching just in itself would be sufficiently suited to the kind of results you are looking to achieve.