Organisation Consultancy

A craftsman masters the interplay between head, heart and hands, between identifying problems and solving problems, between conceiving and building. (Freely adapted from Richard Sennett, sociologist, writer)

My roles as a consultant, trainer and (executive) coach are increasingly interweaving. The current dynamic faced by businesses and the context in which they operate mean that consultancy requests encompass a great deal more than just the actual consultancy assignment in itself. For a lot of the assignments, I draw on the skills and qualities used in the various roles specified above. Organisation consultancy is a craft as far as I am concerned. A craftsman knows how to act based on his/her knowledge and experience.

Implementing the Action Learning principles produces results that are more than the sum of the parts. Action Learning is all about learning by doing. During the course of the track, we go by ‘real life cases’, i.e. existing and realistic tasks and projects.

At the start of the consultancy track, the substance of the intake interview with the client is paramount. This is where we discuss in depth what the ‘right’ nature of the prospective assignment should be. Subsequently we put in place a series of arrangements with the team within the organisation that is affected by the change or involved in the organisation consultancy assignment. Before we move on to the implementation, we explore the desired changes in a duly focused and structured manner. I then provide support for the implementation, either by myself or working in tandem with the people from the organisation.

For organisation consultancy tracks, I am able to work with a team of other professionals. The idea is to build a long-term working relationship with the client, which revolves entirely around quality and tailored solutions.

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