“Everyone has in him something precious that is in no one else. To find this is his path. (Martin Buber, theologian and philosopher)

At the initial meeting, we explore the mutual expectations and find out if we ‘click’ on a personal level. Based on this contact, I examine what I can do in delivering a response to the coaching request and the intervention sought.

I consider tools and methodologies as expedients, not as an end in themselves. These tools are used where they are capable of bringing added value in order to achieve the aims pursued.

Tools I use include: MBTI®, BarOnEQ® Imagination, Individual/Leadership Value Assessment, TA, Jungian Analysis, Reading, Mindmapping and Visual Thinking. Online 360 degree feedback, voice dialogue, RET, GROW and the CTT value system of Corptools® also rank among the tools used.  Adopting a systemic perspective provides wonderful insight into (hidden) patterns and consequently into the potential changes that can be effected.

The tools and methodologies may be implemented to conduct organisation-wide measurements as well as measurements at an individual level. My broad training background and extensive experience with business processes enable me to exactly tailor my approach to the situation in hand. For further details of my training background and portfolio, please see my LinkedIn page (