Shadow Management

Turn your face to the sun and your shadow will fall behind you. (Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi thinker, world citizen)

You are an (interim) manager looking to accomplish your assignments to a high standard, whilst upgrading your professional skills in the process? Eager to learn to do the right things at the right time? In that case, calling on this particular form of coaching/consultancy could be just the thing for you.

Which elements are covered?

  • Your assignment (what exactly did you accept?)
  • The phasing of your assignment
  • The assignment in light of the context and the (organisation) system
  • Adaptive ability/ies
  • The interaction between yourself and ‘those around you’
  • Any questions you may have and the possible bottlenecks you may be experiencing
  • Your personal and professional development
  • Shadows and your ‘blind spot’
  • Reflection skills
  • Factors of success and failure