Mery de Kievid

Mery de Kievid MMC
Master Practitioner Register Coach

After +16 years’ experience serving in various posts in the profit and non-profit sectors, I started my own business in 1999, Het Script. My specialism is the person within the organisation. Offering a combination of (executive) coaching, training and consultancy services, I seek to contribute to people’s growth and development on a personal and a professional level. I operate in the firm belief that inspired and passionate professionals deliver a major and better contribution to the operating results. The feedback I often hear upon completion of a track is that people are now achieving the goals they have been set or which they have set for themselves, with a greater sense of meaning, fun and creativity.

I go for results, although based on careful thought and consideration. I first engross myself in the request to uncover the underlying quintessence and to find out what this is really about. Sound business management is the ultimate aim, which means that my advice in all cases factors in both the talents and needs of the individual and of the organisational structure, the context and the system as a whole. I am committed and passionate. I take inspiration from the existing situation in order to arrive at a solution, a fresh approach and a new structure. My assertiveness is combined with the ability to unite and connect. In all of this, communication is the common thread. Where impassioned people jointly work to build a vibrant organisation, my mission is a success.