Conflict management

Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry. (William B. Yeats, poet, playwright and mystic)

Stalemates in working relationships can be broken by drawing on insights from systems thinking and by laying bare (subconscious) patterns.

For whom?

Anyone looking to turn conflicts into creative tension and effort and go back to using workable rules.

Feedback from client(s)

“You are able to expose interpersonal processes in a way that shows great integrity and respect and you are equally capable of explaining the effects thereof in those relationships. That is a talent. So I hope people will know where to find you. It certainly did a lot for me.” (Operations & Real Estate Manager)

“I am delighted with the way you have helped us to resolve matters between ourselves. Please accept my thanks. It has been tremendously helpful – and we are still seeing the impact of your efforts to this very day.
The way in which you did so was particularly enjoyable: with due respect for everybody involved and asking precisely the right questions.” (HRM Business Partner)