A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. Francis Bacon. (philosopher)

When you have a personal learning need in relation to your work, it is good to be able to reflect on your own style of working. The idea is for you to get a line on the underlying patterns, motives and beliefs that drive your interactions. This will enable you to deal with these elements more efficiently and more consciously in any situations. We also map out which further actions are open to you as part of your repertoire. In addition, you learn how to make sure that the ways you think, feel and act are in step. You learn to see through your own experiences and results, enabling you to perform better, now and in times to come.

The aim of supervision is for you to resume control of your (work) life and for you to know wherein your passion, strength and fun lies. The supervision services may be provided on an individual basis as well as for (existing) groups.