Executive Coaching

Dig out your essence. Discover your type. This will act as an alternative against unconscious behaviour. (G.I. Gurdjieff , philosopher, mystic, writer, composer and choreographer)

Once you have arrived in a position where receiving feedback is no longer matter of fact, it shows character to set about obtaining feedback by yourself. You deliberately choose to be stimulated by exposing yourself to pointed questions thereby discovering things you have not been able to perceive yourself in the process.

There is also room for mirroring your personal and professional development, in which potential confrontations can lead to growth and new insights. This enables you to step outside of the ‘contextual confinement’ and to view, examine and assess topics from a fresh frame of reference.

As part of a track or a number of interviews, we explore how:

  • You are able to arrive at a wise and duly considered assessment with serenity.
  • You learn to see and feel what is important and what is not.
  • You learn how ‘reality’ can tie in with the ‘right’ degree of importance.
  • You are enabled to appraise everyday casuistics in relation to your personal and professional development.

The facts and aspects of subconscious and often elusive processes, i.e. the ‘Hidden Organisation’, play a key part in this process.

The interviews are practical, lend structure, offer fresh perspectives, mirror things and may be confronting.

I set out from the strength and uniqueness of my clients. Executive coaching is always an individually tailored endeavour. After an initial introductory meeting, further arrangements are made in joint consultation.