Consultancy – Organisational Development

  • Developing:
    • Organisational Awareness
    • Organisational Sensitivity
    • Organisation Consultancy
    • Shadow Management
    • Conflict Mediation

Developing Organisational Sensitivity/Organisational Awareness is all about understanding how an organisation operates in practice. Having organisational sensitivity not only sees you being mindful of the formal and hierarchical management echelons, it also gives you a proper sense of the internal relationships and behaviours of people. You are wise to the fact that different views and interests are involved and that power factors come into play. You know how to deal with these elements if you want to get something done in an organisation. You have ‘feelers’ and a ‘keen sixth sense’. This means you have a due understanding of the balance of power, the decision-making processes and the collaborative relationships and alliances within your organisation or business. You gain insight into your preferred styles in the areas of communication and people management and you learn how to reflect on your own actions. You learn how to gain insight into the organisational structure, are able to fathom the chain of command and find out which elements are able to contribute to driving an organisation that operates to high performance standards.